श्रृजन शिल नेपाली समाज– युके
बिगत लामो समय देखि बेलायतमा अस्थायी तथा स्थायी रुपमा नेपाली जन समुदायहरु बसोबास गर्दै आइरेका छन् । यसै परि प्रेक्ष्यमा नेपाल र नेपाली समाजमा मात्र नभई ब्रिट्रीस आर्मी द बिग्रेड अफ गोर्खाजमा समेत सिप, कला र परिश्रमी भनेर चिनिएका समुदायका सदस्यहरु पनि यस मुलुकमा लामो समय देखि बसो बास गर्दै आइरहेका छन् । ती सदस्यहरुमा भातृत्व, आफ्नो पनको बिकास गर्नका साथै युकेमा बसो बास गर्ने क्रममा आफ्नो समुदायको पहिचानका साथै अस्तित्वलाई जिवन्त गर्न गराउनका लागि थोरै संख्यामा मात्र भए पनि संगठानिक रुपमा बाधिए र स्वदेशमा तथा बिदेशमा रहेका आफ्नो समुदायको हकहित र अधिकारका लागि “श्रृजन शिल नेपाली समाज – युके” नामक संस्था स्थापना गरिएको छ ।

Happy New Year B.S. 2073/2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR B.S. 2073/2016


Invitation for Nepali New Year B.S. 2073 celebration


Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK is going to celebrate the “Nepalese New Year B.S. 2073” on Saturday 16th April 2016 at Bhetghat Gurkha Restaurant, Aldershot Town Centre, GU11 1BH.


On behalf of Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK; I would like to invite all the advisors, committee members, all members and their families to participate in this special event. This is a great opportunity to meet all members and celebrate the Nepali New Year B.S 2073 together as a family. We sincerely hope everyone will make an effort to attend the celebration.


All guardians please encourage your children to take part in this celebration.


Dinner price: Adult - £9.00 & Child - £5.00 (Children aged 0f 6-12)

Due to certain circumstances we are not able to view the movie “Teen Ghumti”, However the New year celebration will still continue as per the AMG.


I kindly request all the members to confirm your attendance via email or text informing myself on 07909 387460 or President, Suk Bahadur Sunar @ 07469219929 or Treasurer, Amar Sadasankar @ 07883077672 by Friday, 15th April 2016.


“Let’s celebrate the Nepali New Year B.S. 2073 together”


The conclusion of time and venue took longer to decide than expected therefore we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.


Thank you and hope to see your presence.

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