Respected President, Executive members and all families of Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK,


First of all, I would like to wish you a very special and memorable new 2015. May it bring peace, prosperity and best heath to all. And I would also like congratulate to newly elected Executive Members and welcome to new members. 


I would like to salute Mr Dhan Sarki, who worked for the community tirelessly and selflessly in benefit of the organisation. I want to emphasize and felicitate him for his hard work at every events of organisation.


I would also take this moment to say thank, the outgoing President Mr Mani Raj Lakandri, who, has contributed to wonderful success of Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK, during his time leading the community and beholding its values and vision as well as leading with examples for all two follow later on.


Lastly, thank you to all those who gave their valuable time and selflessly dedicated themselves to the betterment and held value of this organisation and supported directly or indirectly. Let’s hope 2015 makes our vision, plans, thought and dreams all come true and we become stronger personally and as a community. 


All the very best wishes and kind regards,


Sher B. Sunar


Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK

Srijanshil 10th Anniversary celebration

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