SNSUK Summer BBQ Party 24th June 2017


On behalf of Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK; the President and Executive Team would like to welcome all the members and their families to participate in this special event as there are many things to be enjoyed on the day. Lets celebrate the Summer BBQ party together as one family.

Announcement of New Executive Committee Team, Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK


Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK has successfully completed its Annual General Meeting and 5th General Election on 30th December 2016. We would like to thank everyone who participated and supported the event. Your endless support, help and contributions made both Annual General Meeting and 5th General Election a success, which also helped to form the New executive committee.


Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK has continued to actively work within the UK to preserve our identity, culture and evolve to form a prosperous community for the past nine years.


On behalf of Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK, the president, Mr Dhan Bahadur Sarki would like to specially thank the outgoing President, Mr Suk Bahadur Sunar and the executive team, patron, founder senior advisor, advisors, members, volunteers and well-wishers who have participated towards our organisation. The hard work and developments everyone has contributed towards our organisation will always be cherished and appreciated.


In order to develop Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK; A new executive committee was elected through an election board. The event occurred on the 30th December 2016 by SNS-UK’s Election board which included the election commissioners Mr Bikash Ranapaili (Advisor), Mr Shyam Lal Sunar (Founder/Senior Advisor), Mr Sher Bahadur Sunar (Founder President/Patron), Mr Maniraj Lakandri (Former President) and Mr Man Bahadur Kami (Advisor). The new executive team would like to show their upmost gratitude to the election board for taking the responsibility and successfully completing this event with all fairness.  

The Founder Senior Advisor, Mr Shyam Lal Sunar Congratulated to the new built executive committee members. The team has brand new young souls, with forward thinking ideas, ambition and motivation.  Hope this will have a great impact on the development of Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK in 2017 and onwards.


Formation of New Executive Committee Members


President Mr Dhan Bahadur Sarki
Vice President Mr Raj Kumar Sunar
General Secretary Mr Amar Sadashankar
Treasurer Mr Bikram Bishowkarma
Secretary Mr Bhim Partel
Assistant Treasurer Mrs Jinat Bishwakarma
Executive Member Mr Nabin Rasaily
Executive Member Mr Dil Nepali
Executive Member Mr Suman Gautam
Executive Member Mr Subash Pariyar
Executive Member Mr Raju Partel


On the 30th December 2016, after the election of the new executive committee; The new President Mr Dhan Bahadur Sarki quickly made the decision to call out an immediate meeting to select below positions and also to discuss the welcome and interaction programme for His Excellency Dr Durga Bahadaur Subedi Ambassador of Nepal Embassy. After discussing together, the new executive team has selected positions of Patron, Founder Senior Advisor, First Lady and Advisors that are vital for the community. 



2017 - 2019

Founder President Mr Sher Bahadur Sunar
Introducing of First Lady
First Lady Mrs Uma Nepali
Founder/ Senior Advisor Mr Shyamlal Sunar
Advisor Mr Uttar Tamata
Advisor Mr Kumar Ghale
Advisor Mr Maniraj Lakandri
Advisor Mr Suk Bahadur Sunar
Advisor Mr Gopal Sarki
Advisor Mr Hira Bahadur Kami
Advisor Mr Khim Sadansankar
Advisor Mr Damarsing Sunwar
Advisor Mr Dilip Mohara
Advisor Mr Man Bahadur Kami
Advisor Mr Uttar Sundas
Advisor Mr Chet Bahadur Damai
Advisor Mr Dhan Bahadur Kami
Advisor Mr Lal Bahadur Sunar
Advisor Mr Bikash Ranapaili
Advisor Mr Kumar Bishwakarma
Advisor Mr Amar Bishwakarma
Advisor Mr Bhimshen L Bishwakarma
Advisor Mr Gam Bahadur Bishwakarma
Advisor Mr Karna Rasaily
Advisor Mr Yogendra Sunar
Advisor Mr Hasta Bahadur Damai
Advisor Mr Om Sunar
Advisor Mr Prem Sunar
Advisor Mr Shyam Risal
Advisor Mrs Janaki Sunar
Advisor Mr Ashok Kumar Gahatraj Sunar
Advisor Mr Bhim Bahadur Damai
Advisor Mr Tanka Parsad Kami
Advisor Mr Bhakta Bahadur Darji


The welcome and interaction programme was fixed on the 21st December 2016 during the PRE-AGM and was led by the new executive team.


During the meeting the new Executive team has introduced to present a certificate of honour and hard work towards the community to all the previous Executive members in the presence of His Excellency Ambassador DR. Durga Bahadur Subedi.

The new executive committee conducted their first event as a team after the election in Bhetghat Restaurant, Aldershot. The Welcome and Interaction programme was held for His Excellency Dr. Durga Bahadur Subedi, Ambassador of Nepal Embassy along with his wife Mrs Punam Rajeya Laxmi Subedi.  Srijanshil Nepali Samaj congratulated and welcomed Dr Subedi for achieving the position of Ambassador of Nepal Embassy, UK. During the event, the new executive committee expressed their gratitude towards the previous executive committee with a certificate which was presented by Dr Durga Bahadur Subedi. The programme concluded with cultural dance.


On behalf of Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK, the President, Mr Dhan Bahadur Sarki, would like to thank all those who attended the Welcome and Interaction programme. Your attendance was very important and meant a lot as it was the first event held by the new committee. Therefore, your support is the reason for the success of the programme. Also, a special thanks to the Bhetghat Restaurant for allowing the event to take place at the venue and providing food and beverage.


Wishing you all and your family a very happy new year. May this year bring you everlasting happiness, love and success in everything that you pursue.


We look forward to seeing you all soon.


Jay Srijanshil Nepali Samaj UK

Srijanshil 10th Anniversary celebration

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